Filament custom carbon fibre frames are tailor-made for individual riders at our workshop in Worcestershire, England.

The frames are made from carbon tubes which are cut, bonded and reinforced with carbon joints. This process allows a wide range of sizes and custom geometry options.

Here's a step-by-step look at the process.

Filament frame drawing
Making a carbon bottom bracket shell
Cutting carbon tube
Carbon tube set
Carbon tubes in fixture
Smoothing the joints
Wrapped in prepreg carbon
Vacuum consolidation
Slot cutting
Finished frame
Painted frame

The construction process begins with the frame drawing which has all the dimensions required for cutting the tubes and setting the fixture.


The carbon bottom bracket shell is made by wrapping prepreg carbon over a stainless steel mandrel mould.


The carbon tubes are precisely cut using diamond tipped tools.


The cut tube set.


The tubes are held in the adjustable fixture and initially bonded together using a structural adhesive.


The smooth transitions between the tubes are made by hand. This provides the foundation for the next step.


The tube junctions are wrapped with many layers of prepreg carbon fibre to make a high strength reinforced joint.


The uncured frame is consolidated in a vacuum envelope which is placed into the oven to cure the prepreg.


Final machining operations after cure include cutting the slot of the the seat tube.


The completed frame is ready for paint.


The finished frame with its custom paint scheme.