This was me at the weekend. White jersey, blue bike. It felt fast. Photo by Rob Cox.

Craddock custom carbon racing

Long and low

This one is long and low with a horizontal top tube. Custom geometry and laminate.

Ready for paint

Ready for paint


The Bespoked show at the London Olympic velodrome was a great weekend talking to lots of enthusiastic people about carbon frame building. Thanks for coming along.

Waiting for the doors to open

Waiting for the doors to open

Introductory Price - No VAT!

Good news!

While the company is still under the VAT threshold I don't have to charge VAT.

The special introductory price is therefore £2583 and a deposit secures your frame at this price.

But hurry, when I hit the threshold the price will have to include VAT and go back up to £3100.

Does your bike really fit you?

Head tube a bit long? Top tube a bit short? Or is it the other way round? It can be difficult to find a standard carbon road bike that perfectly matches your body dimensions and riding style. If this has been a problem for you get in touch. We can make a custom carbon road frame just for you, with exactly the right angles and tube lengths. You can even choose the colour scheme.