The handling, the responsiveness, the quality of the ride, they were all pitch-perfect in a way that I’ve only experienced on a few occasions. A stirring experience: it has a liveliness, an energy, that resonated deeply.
This bespoke carbon frameset is a wondrous thing. The bike offers impeccable handling, efficient responsiveness, all-day comfort, but it is the quality of the ride that really stands out.

Matt Wikstrom -

The Filament road frame has been engineered to provide a feeling of power and poise with a sublime ride quality. There are no standard sizes because there are no standard riders. Everyone is unique and each Filament frame is tailored to fit its rider perfectly. The custom build process also lets you choose internal or external cable routing, and all BB formats: PF30, BSA threaded or T47. Bespoke carbon for unique riders.

Frame and fork £3,300